About Us

Lightsaber Academy first opened its doors 5 years ago. Our founder, Master Instructor and Starwars fans, along with her team of instructors that are experts in their position have worked closely together to use lightsaber swordplay and martial arts as a way to experience the swordplay techniques that we used to watch in the movie Starwars and to enhance people’s lives physically, mentally, and spiritually. This is also while creating a fun, safe, and positive environment for each and every one of us especially the fans of this movie. It is important for me that every individual, Starwars fan or not, who walks in our doorstep receives a fun and challenging class. We make sure that they leave the room with a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment towards their fantasies and goals.

Our purpose is to help not only the fans but also the people to experience the swordplay techniques in the movie and to make their fantasy and dreams a reality. Lightsaber Academy is the only academy who is using a lightsaber in martial arts. The owner is inspired by Philippine’s native martial arts called Eskrima. But instead of using rattan or any other swords, we incorporated the idea instead of using a lightsaber like in Starwars as the owner is a fan of it.

We hope that you continue to support Lightsaber Academy. We are striving to do our best to make sure that you are learning while having fun training through lightsaber martial arts. We are inviting you to check out and try our classes this summer. Our training course and lightsaber sword training are being offered at the most reasonable prices. We guarantee that you will leave the studio with a big smile on your faces because of the satisfaction we bring you. Please enjoy browsing through our website and if you have any question about the lightsaber martial arts, do not hesitate to reach us via email. Our accounts can be viewed at the Contact Us page of this site.