Welcome to our testimonial section! Here, you can find what people say about our services and how Lightsaber Academy can help them.

I am a father of two children and the three of us have been going here for years. The owner, instructors and front staff are the best teams that you can’t find anywhere. The lesson plans not only focusing on the lightsaber it also includes Taekwondo, Philippines’ martial arts eskrima, yoga conditioning, striking, and more. I already recommended this great place to all of the people I know. I just want to share that when we were having trouble with our budget and we have to cut down the expenses, even then we can’t omit the expenditure we have on Lightsaber Academy. This place makes our family happy and keeps us bonded. – BRYAN G.

Our grandson was only able to train in the Lightsaber Academy during Summer as he was just visiting us during that season. In just a short period of time, he learned so much in the Lightsaber Academy, not just about the martial arts and lightsaber swordplay techniques but also about being an individual. His discipline, focus, and respect for others improved a lot. We loved watching him train every day as he was very obedient in the teachings of the instructors. The good thing in Lightsaber Academy is that instructors were serious about teaching and very patient with the children while they are making sure that it would be fun too! I would recommend this place to anyone. You and your kids will definitely fit in the Lightsaber Academy. Young or adult, girl or boy, anyone can jump in the place to register and start your lightsaber training session. – AMANDA G.

I love Lightsaber Academy! My friends and I decided to take the training session last month and now we are enjoying it even if it is only our first month. – BELINDA H .