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Lightsaber Academy, Inc.

LightsaberAcademy.com is the home of finding you the finest sources of knowledge in learning the Art of Lightsaber Combat and Stage Combat.  We are building a Consortium of Lightsaber Instructors operating in their own MetaStyle of either Academic Study, Stage Combat, or Sport Dueling, but it all is rooted in The 8 Core Principles. To find out about our Lightsaber Instructor Certification program, click here for more details.

Here you will find true understanding of the hilt, the properties and rules of the weapon, proper body mechanics, and basic methods to engage in saber to saber combat, or choreography. For entertainment or practical application, it is the wielder's responsibility to engage in safety first, respect second, fun always, but more importantly, you will know what you need to be safe in all regards.

The links and references found here are intended to inform, translate, and educate the participant with real-world, practical expressions of the theories found in movies, books, and countless stories in the Universe pertaining to the Art of Lightsaber Combat. From ages 5 to 85+, there's always fun to be had with a lightsaber.

This website strives to make associations to practical and easily recognized real-world techniques for use in a variety of practical applications. We invite you to explore this site, get certified, and teach with us.  Welcome to Lightsaber Academy.


March 18 - Great Article from Kung Fu Tea on the development of Lightsaber Combat, and the validity of the Combat MetaStyles emerging around the world. Flynn, the founder of both LightsaberAcademy.com and New York Jedi, is sighted as the notable forerunner of organizing Lightsaber Combat training in a group setting since 2005.

Kung Fu Tea 2016-03-22


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NOTE: While this website and content references materials and subjects found in their franchises, we have no affiliation with Star Wars, Lucasfilm, or Disney. All content property of Lightsaber Academy, Inc., except where noted.