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Your favorite lightsaber swordplay in the popular movie Starwars, that you’ve always dreamed of doing, can now be experienced in real life. Yes, you’ve heard it right! It is not a fiction anymore because, at Lightsaber Academy, we offer martial arts training and swordplay techniques using the lightsaber sword. Register online or visit our studio that has a beautiful contemporary garage door in Wichita.

Pretty Cheap

Imagine for only several bucks per class, you will learn the positions and choreography that go with the sword fight scenes in the movie Starwars. Here at Lightsaber Academy, we will teach you the proper stretching and warm-up techniques as well. This is together with the meditation that is one of the requirements to strengthen your joints and mentality.The lightsabers we are using is made out of LED, polycarbonate, and aluminum. 

Safety First

Don’t worry because it is light and proven safe. It was specially designed for the trainee of Lightsaber Academy. The worst you can get in the lightsaber sword is just a scratch. It can be bought in saber’s market or in our studio and if it happens that you lost the one you have while strolling the park. If you do not want to buy one, you can just rent out from our facility here. The good thing about this is that we will lend you at no cost for the first month of the training session.

Join Our Academy

If you have been already decided and you are already prepared to take the training, head over to the Lightsaber Academy official site and learn the complete details of the training sessions and about the academy as well. You can always contact us via email or take a personal visit to our studio.


At Lightsaber Academy, we use martial arts and swordplay as a way of bringing not only the fans of the movie Starwars together but also to enhance every individual’s physical, mental and spiritual health.
Ronald Neely
It has been proven that people who engage in our sessions are able to improve their well-being for the better. Dont hesitate to join the best academy.
Paras Shah
In fact, if you will be giving yourself a chance to train in Lightsaber Academy you will know that there are more things that you can learn and understand as an individual.
Ronald Neely
This is really fun and there are available sessions for people of all ages alike. This is an activity that can be participated by the whole family.
Paras Shah

Community of Wichita

Lightsaber Academy has been serving and teaching the community of Wichita for 10 years now. Each one of our instructors has expertise in their job so all the staff and instructors can teach you according to their knowledge and skills accurately.

Get ready

Get ready for a real-life lightsaber swordplay at Lightsaber Academy. Lightsaber swordplay and martial arts is the best indoor activity you can do in Summer, Winter, Falls or Autumn. You can have a lot of fun in Lightsaber Academy as you can meet many friends who just like you – a fan of the movie Starwars.

Register now!

Register now and get ready to have some real lightsaber action in your life!

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